Daulatabad fort is situated 13 kms from Aurangabad and houses many monuments within its premises. It was built in the 12th century and was earlier known as Devgiri fort. The fort was given its name by Muhammad Tughluq, the Sultan of Delhi as he was very impressed by the fort and had set up his court and capital here.

Most of these forts are also trekking locations and adventure enthusiasts from all over the state and outside undertake trekking expeditions to the forts. It is definitely a thrill walking though steep mountains, rocks, and forests but once you reach the top, all the efforts seem worth it as a walk around the forts take you  back to a time of rich history, the valour of emperor Shivaji, his foresight and skills in building such forts and the craftsmanship and knowledge those artisans had in carving out such absolute masterpieces atop the mountains.

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