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The Glitch in the matrix in my school!

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The Glitch in the matrix in my school!

This isn't exactly a horrifying story, so don't get too disappointed if your not terrified. For background, I'm a fifteen year old Irish fella called Ross. I go to school in Ireland. I am now in third year.

At the start of second year I knew fella joined the school. I was in charge of showing him around and we've been good friends ever since.

He is Portuguese and his name is Tiago. I'll call him Tig for this story. His school bag is a fairly small, bright red bag. He is a bit shorter than me. His hair is quite short and brown in colour. This will become important momentarily.

One day I was upstairs in my school. It was break time and I was going to my groups usual spot. I turned a corner and saw Tig, walking along the hall way. This was weird because, at the distance I was from him, I would have seen him come up the stairs.

I didn't think much of it at the time. I sped up the catch up to him. There was another corner coming up. He rounded it and I followed suit. Except, he wasn't there. There was a staircase going back down and two bathrooms, one for lad and one for lassies, but no Tig. Considering how close I was behind him, he would have had to sprint towards and then jump down the stairs, or jog into the bathroom. If he went for the stairs, I would have heard. ‘He must be in the bathroom.' I thought.

I sat at the bench and waited. Tig was the first other person in our group to arrive. He rounded the corner and left his bag down. The realisation hit m hard, he wasn't in the bathroom. I asked him if he had already been up there to which he answered that he hadn't. He had no reason to lie.

Now, I know what your all thinking. It was someone else. First of all, the person I saw looked the exact same as my friend from the back. Second of all, no one else in the school has that bag, to my knowledge. I haven't seen anyone else with it, that is. Third, the only place the person could have gone, without sprinting down the stairs which I would probably catch a glimpse of anyway, would be the bathroom. No one came out of the bathroom that I didn't see enter it.

Finally, my friend is a fairly distinct character. Not many people have the same body build as him.

Like I said at the start, it's not exactly terrifying, but, I do believe it to be due to a glitch in the matrix.