This year been filled with overwhelming and moving moments, for me and for Zen Habits.

Topping the list of overwhelming and moving:

  1. My book: I released my book, Zen Habits, to an outpouring of support in the Kickstarter campaign. The book was funded 500%, and is now at the printer. I can’t express the incredible experience of being supported by all of you, of getting so many incredible messages. I’ve been floored. I worked on this project all year, and I doubt I’ll ever publish a book any other way.
  2. My father: As I write this, I’m in the hospital with my father, who is in critical condition and on life support after pretty much all his organs failed. My family and I have come together in this crisis, and it has been such an overwhelming experience. I don’t think he’s going to make it, to be honest. But the huge flow of emails, tweets, messages you guys have sent my way have been truly touching and amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the thoughts, prayers, good vibes and well wishes you’ve sent for me and my family. It has meant more than I can express.

There has been more to this year, but even with just those two things, what a year. Oh, I also wrote and released a free ebook on letting go: The One Skill.

I’m so grateful to have all of you in my life, and I look forward to continuing our connection in 2015, whatever it may bring.

The Best Zen Habits Posts of 2014

To wrap up this year, here are my favorite Zen Habits post from 2014:

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And more

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