Date: 24th January

The the automatic robot "land crawler" which belonged to "US space explore station" (USES) landed on Mars planet. A VDO camera fitted on it which was taking videos of the surface and surrounding and sending them on earth to the scientists. The scientists were controlling the robot from the USES lab and were watching the mars photos on big curved screens. Everyone was happy to witness this success. They kept purposely a delay of 45 minutes when the same was being telecast on television for outside world.

The robot came at a place on Mars. Everyone was watching the live telecast from it. Suddenly the scientists noticed some movement on the screen. A creature was making movement. Was it a sign of life on Mars?

When scientists moved the robot more and more near to the creature, they found it was nothing but a human being...

A man!!

The telecast was stopped for outside world before the creature was first noticed by the robot. And it was declared to the world that the land crawler robot got damaged due to a meteor rammed on it and damaged it.

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