Date: 31st December

(In an European underground laboratory)

Scientists Dr. Cohen from US and Dr. Raman from India were sitting in the lab. Both were best friends. They had invented together many new useful things. They didn't get any kind of help from US and Indian governments due to pressure of few government scientists of both countries. One of the reason was arrogant and eccentric nature of both of them.

Then, few private European organizations offered all type of help to them. And then started an underground lab in a secret place in Europe with few more scientists with them.

Now both were doing research on moving things from one place to another in lesser or zero time. Be the distance any longer or be the thing to be moved any bigger in size and weight.

If this invention materializes, a lot of time and money of people would be saved. Within seconds, things could be moved from one place to another.

However, both of them were unaware of the time it will take to make it a reality! This experiment was being done in a special equipped lab in which only two of them were sitting. Other scientists in the lab were busy doing many other discoveries and inventions being unaware of what exactly both are doing. No one was allowed to enter there until and unless requested by both of them.

"Doctor Cohen, I don't consider time as a dimension like length, breadth and depth. Time is nothing but a thing created by man to remember things and events. However, I will make use of the equation of time, distance and speed for speedy travel", said Doctor Raman.

"Oh? Is it? But I consider time as a dimension!", Cohen replied. He was busy joining few wires of an equipment.

Dr Raman said, "Yes Cohen, my friend! Everyone has his own opinion and way. But, i know our destination is same. Now listen! Any object if travels with more and more speed, the lesser and lesser time it will take to reach the destination. And if we succeed to give it such a speed that it reaches the destination at the same time when it started the journey, then we can say that an object can move from one place to another in zero time. The only challenge with this experiment is the friction the object will experience. But I have found ways to minimize it. Scientists say that if we increase the speed like this the object will reach in the past time. Means for example an object starts from a place at 3 o'clock but will reach to its destination at 2 o'clock. but I don't believe this theory. my only aim is to send the object from one place to another in zero time. My experiment is almost done!"

However Doctor Cohen had something else in his mind. He said, "Friend, instead of doing on this we will convert mass into radio waves which can travel from one place to another within seconds. Then we can convert them back into mass that is the original object. Why would we need the travel of object itself when we have radio waves? in your experiment the object will face many difficulties while travelling however the radio waves will not face any difficulty while travelling."

Raman said, "Cohen, what you are saying is impossible!"

Cohen said, "No! in fact what you are saying is more impossible!"

Both of them started quarrelling. Their colleagues where having habit of such frequent quarrels in between them. However this time, the the quarrel seemed to be very intense. Still they ignored. The colleagues could see images of both of them from the semi-transparent glass of their private lab.

Late night, the noise and sound of their quarrel stopped.

Three days have passed and no one came out of the lab. Finally the colleagues decided to open the door of lab using password key combinations known to three different persons. The door was opened. There was no sign of both the scientists in the lab. Both were missing from the lab. There were no CCTV cameras in that lab.

All the scientists became worried and informed the European organization which also got surprised. Other sponsors also got this news however no one allowed this event to come before the world. It was kept secret. Other scientists were pressurized to find out where these two scientists have gone...

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