Scientists stopped the robot near him because the man seemed to be very eager to talk. He seemed to be ill and very weak. He became happy seeing the robot and immediately started speaking.

Everyone started listening to him.

"Hi all. First thing first. Don't draw a conclusion by seeing me here that Mars has life on it. I am a man from earth only. Now you may wonder how did I reach here? Let me tell you. I am an Indian scientist. Doctor Raman. Now tell me, is this 2016?"

One of the scientists spoke which was heard on speaker attached to the robotic machine, "Yes, this is 2016 year! But tell us how did you get there?"

"I am almost on the verge of dying. On 31st December in 2030, in an underground lab, me and my scientist friend Doctor Cohen were doing some experiments!"

Everyone was wondering because no such scientist named Cohen was known to them in 2016. He may be present somewhere in US but his age might be 14.

Raman further told everyone the story till their quarrel on 31st December 2030.

Further he said, "In 2016, you will not believe time travel and converting objects or mass into radio waves but we made it happen in 2030. And here is the proof in front of you. After our quarrel, we learnt that there was no point in just guesswork. Instead of experimenting on objects, we decided to do the experiment on ourselves. With our lot of research, we were sure that our experiments will work on living things also. We didn't use any animal to experiment because we wanted to experience it ourselves. We decided to try both of our inventions at the same time so that at least one of us will succeed. We hurried because lot of pressure was building up on us. Deadline was nearing. The European organization had put a lot of money on us. Now they wanted result. Otherwise they threatened to throw us out."

Everyone was listening this breathlessly.

Doctor Raman continued, "Imagine, a person can travel to any place within no time! A revolutionary invention. It will change everything. It will change the world. Forever. No cars. No buses. No petrol. Just disappear from one place and appear somewhere else instantly. Like the Gods in Puranas were doing!"

A voice of a scientist on speaker from earth asked Doctor Raman, "Then? What did you do? What happened? We are eager to know!"

Doctor Raman continued, "So listen! We put Cohen's machine in my machine. Then Cohen sat in his machine. I sat in my machine near Cohen's machine. Kohen and me started our machine at the same time. My machine started travelling and found a vent from an orifice on roof of the lab with such a higher speed that no one could notice the movement!"

Scientists in USES were astonished.

Raman further said, "Both of our experiments became a success. Inside my machine, Cohen got converted into radio waves due to his machine. He had set the direction of radio waves towards Mars. I also had set the equation of time, distance and speed so that I will reach Mars at the same time Cohen reaches there. We had decided that once I reach there, I will decode Cohen in the form of radio waves and convert him back into human form with his machine which will also travel with me in my machine. And the we had planned to come back again in our lab in the same way with Mars photographs. But my experiment succeeded with an error. The equation got wrong due to interaction of radio waves in my machine and it achieved such a speed that I reached in past. From 2030 to 2016. Means, time value became minus! Now Cohen is in the form of radio waves on Mars in 2030! But he will not find me there and he wont be able to come back!"

One trainee scientist asked, "Then why cant you go back to 2030 from 2016?"

"Not possible. We cant go in future by my formula. We can go only in past. Here is the simple formula. Time = distance/speed. Also my machine got destroyed along with Cohen's machine due to a meteor. Luckily I reached here at the same time when you sent robot on Mars. At least I could give you this message!"

"Now what you suggest? How can we help you?"

"Yes, do one thing now. Wait till 2030 comes. Then send the technology which can convert living and non-living things into radio waves along with this robot on Mars. Convert Cohen back to human from radio waves. Inform this to Doctor Cohen who is 14 years old now. Now I can not remain alive for more time. Write down Cohen's home address in US!"

Raman died after telling the address. Everyone was surprised and became sad due to death of Doctor Raman.

At the same time on Earth, Cohen was chatting, " Come to US for further education. I will help you!"

Raman typed, "Nice suggestion. I will consult my parents and teachers and will let you know. Definitely we will invent something revolutionary which will help all mankind"

(The End)

Written by- NIMISH SONAR

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