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Yaksha Prasnam

The "Yaksha Prasna", literally translated, means "Questions of the Yaksha", were posed by a Yaksha in the forest to Yudhistira.

The Return of Tarzan

The legend of tarzan returns. This is the second volume of the tale of Tarzan.


Tarzan of the Apes is a 1912 novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first in a series of twenty-four books about the title character Tarzan. It was first published in the pulp magazine The All-Story in October 1912 before being released as a book in 1914.

Dream Destination

Dream Destination is a SciFi (Science fiction) story from renowned author Nimish Sonar


Boomerang is a mystery, thriller story by renowned author Nimish Sonar

Beyond Universe

A science fiction story that tells the tale of a special spacecraft India lost in space.

Double Discovery

Double Discovery is a SciFi story written by renowned author Nimish Sonar

Green Eyes

Green Eyes is a horror and thriller story by renowned author Nimish Sonar

Indian Agriculture

Agriculture in India is a sad tale of poverty, oppression and needless pain inflicted on Indian citizens in their own country.

The Man Who Was Seven by J. Frederic Thorne

But how about the other law, of evi- dence, and your own senses? If you saw and heard a man in that impossible situation or condition, which would you believe, the law or your own eyes and ears?

Again and again

A poem about childhood love by Sanket Rankhamb.

English Short Stories

Short stories in English for Indian audience. Collection of classic tales.


1984 is one of the greatest books of all times and the most popular book by George Orwell. The book describes a dystopian future and how a government that wants to control people's will.

Politics and the English Language

Politics and the English Language is Orwell lesser known book but is very important to understand the author.

The Lesson

The lesson is a french story. It is being translated into English and is considered one of the greatest stories of the world. It tells the story of a boy going to school.

Hotel Honeymoon

A young married couple checks in into a remote forest hotel for their honeymoon. What happens next is a tale of fear and nightmares. You might not sleep again peacefully after reading this story. Please leave a comment if you like the story.

Year 2020 Highlights

Year 2020 highlights will provide you a summary of the year 2020. This information is intended for general knowledge and to help you prepare for competitive exams.

The Game of Escape

Two Superstar Singers Michael & Andria had a very successful life...Until Andria planned to take Michael to her old house near forest & planned to accept him as her boyfriend..... Little did they know that they were under a watch & soon kidnapped.... This story revolved around them. Will they be escaped from there or not? will they Find the real truth & real kidnappers? What secrets are there? Follow this story full of Romance,Thrills & Suspense & find out what happens?

The heir of A Billionaire Dad

Michael Roy was an ordinary student, & was very poor. Because of his poverty, his so called girlfriend left him & insulted him. his classmates also humiliated & looked down on him. But who knows, after reaching home one day, he received a letter from Russia stating that it was from his dad after so many missing years would change his whole life? "my son. Your dad is the most powerful person of this country. I know you will have a lot of questions. you have suffered a lot. But now i will make sure that you won't find a single problem in your whole life. I am transferring 10 million dollars for a start as your daily livings. Just make me a call if you need more." Then the story of Michael started suddenly from an extremely poor guy to the richest kid of not only his city but of a whole country. He bought houses, few extreme high model cars, visited most reputed places & top most services. The most important thing, not only his girlfriend & classmates, he stunned many most reputed people of his city Arizona & other cities too. This story describes the journey of a young man's poor lifestyle & his lavish lifestyle. It also describes how he handled billions of money & became the greatest of all.


A lesbian story

Sexy : A Thriller Novel

Akash, Punit, Happy Singh and Rajat are 4 carefree friends doing their first job in Pune. They decide to take a break from the rate race of corporate life before parting their own ways. What was supposed to be a harmless break ends up being the longest night of their life. The shadow of that one night will be with them for the rest of their lives. Please comment on the book or email us on .

Understanding Itihasa

Itihasa is a sanskrit word that describes large body of texts including Ramayan, Mahabharata and Puranas. Itihasa is translated as History in English but it is more naunced term as we will explore in this small book.

Rasbhari Review

This is a short review of the Amazon Prime Webseries Rasbhari featuring Swara Bhaskar.

Hector Servadac: Part I

by Jules Verne, translated by Ellen E. Frewer

Hector Servadac: Part II

by Jules Verne, translated by Ellen E. Frewer