·     If you have more than one dog, make sure you give attention to both of them equally. One should not feel jealous of the other.

·      Dogs enjoy being spoken to. It's more about your tone of voice than what you say. Talk in a happy tone when playing, or a soothing tone when petting him or her. This is also helpful when you're trying to get him or her to be happy and bouncy or to calm down.

·        Take your dog for a long walk everyday. This is a good way to bond outdoors. About two times a week, play fetch with them at the park! This will help develop their energy and health as well.

·        Carry a treat in your pocket at most times. Reward your dog when she does something good or behaves well.

·        You should always love and care for your dog.

·        It is very important not to give your dog too much junk food as it could cause health problems, and other complications.

·        Give your dog a random cuddle once in a while. They may snuggle up to you or want you to play with them!

·       Never ever hit or physically assault your dog. A firm NO followed by a loud clap is enough to stop them from doing what they are doing if it is that important. The best option is to only offer praise, make the dog repeat the action over and over to be rewarded by praise when it's right, and a DO OVER when it's wrong.

·        Be nice and don't scold them often.

·     Maintain a positive energy around your dog. Dog’s tend to understand the energy that their masters hold and draw from it. So if you are anxious, nervous and unhappy around the dog, she will also start mimicking the same. 

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