·        Collar with your phone number tag

·        Leash or Body Belt

·        License with the authorities and ID tag

·        Dog Bed / Blanket where dog sleeps.

·        Tip resistant bowls for water and food.

·        Brush and Comb for grooming with anti tick and flea powder.

·        Carrier (for small dogs)

·        Premium quality dog food and treats.

·        Towel for drying dog after bath.

·        Dog shampoo

·        Toys of all kinds – Balls, Rings, Kong toys, Chew toys, Rope toys

·        Dog tooth brush and paste.

·        Dog rain coat for wet weather.

·        Dog boots for wet and cold weather.

·        Muzzles for biting and aggressive dogs.

·        Elizabethan collar ( in case of injuries)

·        Poop Scooper

·        Flea comb

·        Poop Pick up bags (while on walks)

·        Doggy travel bag

·        Measuring Cup for measuring food and medicines

·        Disinfectants for cleaning up after dog

·         Ear Muffs to protect dogs from loud sounds

·        Vitamins and Mineral supplements (As prescribed by the vet)

·        Shirts and clothes for dogs living in cold weather.

·        Doggy packs for long walks

·        Dog Whistle to gain your dog’s attention

·        Dog travel crates (For long travel by Air and Rail)

·        Doggy House (For dogs who live in farms and outdoor)

·        Dog tub / bucket

·        Dog care magazines

·        Puppy feeding bottle for puppies (in weaning stage) 

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