A pet is an integral part of a family. It brings about great bonding and attachment between the members of a family. However, getting the right pet for your family is an important decision which needs to be taken with a lot of thought and care. Adopting a pet is always the right way to go over purchasing an animal from a breeder. Streets and shelters are brimming with animals waiting to get adopted. Be it a breed or a stray dog, the older ones are mostly left behind.

Here are some of the advantages of adopting adult dogs.

1. Tried and Tested Models

Most adult dogs have an understanding of basic commands. Actions such as sit, stay, no and the like are easily understood by them.

2. No Seek and Destroy

They have normally passed the teething stage and are less likely to be destructive and destroy your house. Rest assured, your shoes and rugs will not go missing and your furniture will not be chewed upon.

3. A nose which can see is better than two sniffing noses

Your house will definitely not smell like a toilet. Adult dogs normally have set schedules which they have been following for years. However, the owner does have the responsibility of understanding the timings at which the dog wants to relieve himself. Older dogs adjust to new schedules easily as well.

4. Take the Time

Adult dogs are more adjusting to hectic job schedules as well. They tend to be calmer and less disturbed when left alone for even a short period of time as compared to puppies who cannot be left unattended especially during the growing phase.

5. A friend in need, is a friend indeed

Older dogs make great companions. You can watch a movie in peace with them.

6. Walk the talk

Adult dogs can go on long walks without much trouble. If you feel you are chubby and need to lose some weight, take home an older dog as a jogging buddy and your dog will definitely act as your trainer, not just your companion.

7. What you see is what you get!

Dogs finish their growth phase by about 18 ­ 24 months. They reach their full size at this age. When you adopt an adult dog you know for sure that what you see is what you get. You can judge if the dog’s size is correct for your home and if your family will be able to handle him without too much trouble.

8. High Resistance Power, Low Budget.

A healthy adult dog is not as susceptible to diseases as puppies. They have stronger immune systems. Vet visits are far lesser in case of healthy adult dogs. This obviously means that the cost of maintaining an adult dog is lesser and you can even calculate this cost on a monthly basis even before adopting one.

 9. The Non Explorer

Small puppies have a tendency to explore and welcome each guest at the door. If you would like to have a dog which is more under control and does not jump on every guest who comes in, an older dog is the one for you.

10. Adult Guard Dogs

Adult guard dogs know their job well. They have a better judgment of people and are really good at sensing criminal behaviour as well.

There is a unique sense of pride and a feel good factor associated with adopting an older dog who needs a home. The dog is more patient and understanding, sociable and adjusting. Sometimes, they can surprise you by the amount they will teach you about life. An older dog is much wiser than even the owner sometimes.
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