अनाहिता Anahita
Author of English stories for Indian audience.
Hotel Honeymoon

A young married couple checks in into a remote forest hotel for their honeymoon. What happens next is a tale of fear and nightmares. You might not sleep again peacefully after reading this story. Please leave a comment if you like the story.

The Man Who Was Seven by J. Frederic Thorne

But how about the other law, of evi- dence, and your own senses? If you saw and heard a man in that impossible situation or condition, which would you believe, the law or your own eyes and ears?

Indian Agriculture

Agriculture in India is a sad tale of poverty, oppression and needless pain inflicted on Indian citizens in their own country.

कृपिन की कहानियाँ

Krupin's stories is a collection of stories from Russia.

சேதுபதி மன்னர் வரலாறு

“நீலத்திரைகடல் ஓரத்திலே - நின்று நித்தம் தவஞ்செய் குமரி எல்லை - வட மாலவன் குன்றம் இவற்றிடையே - புகழ் மண்டிக் கிடக்குந் தமிழ்நாடு"

ভূতের বিচার

শ্রীপ্রিয়নাথ মুখোপাধ্যায়-প্রণীত

குடும்பப் பழமொழிகள்

This book is a compilation of some of the best proverbs for the family from the proverbs of many countries around the world.