We drove to the hotel ourselves and parked in their spacious parking lot. There was no phone range but the resort had a landline. Wifi was deliebratley not provided. 

The receptionist greeted us and apologized for lack of staff. To be honest we did not see any other person in the whole hotel. The parking lot had only one other car. But the receptionist was one of the nicest person I had met. He chatted with us, asked us when we got married and why would we prefer a natural destination like this. Showed us some maps of local attractions and trails. He also told us that he will deliver food to our rooms himself three times a day. 

He then said he will give us the nicest and largest room which was also meant for honeymoon couples. 

We understood what he meant when we reached the room. It was spacious. Beautiful wooden floors, a bed larger than a King bed, large television. Right next to the bed room was an unusually large bathroom with a standing shower as well as a jacuzzi where the who couple might enjoy soaking themselves in hot water bath. Of course we were too eager to try all that out. 

We were not strangers to sex as we have known each other but this was the first time we were travelling elsewhere. 

Before we knew it we were on the bed having passionate sex. It wa sjust 4pm or so but it did not matter. The unusually thick walls of the room ensured that our moans would not go out of the room. Of course this story is not about that. So I wont tell you the details but the only detail that matters here is that by the time we were at the peak of passion both of us did not have a single piece of cloth on our body. In fact Sakrant had ripped clothes all over and thrown them around. 

We were then tired. Super tired. We collapsed on the bed and before we knew it we were asleep. 

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